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The Teishin

The teishin is a gentle and effective tool for treating patients without inserting acupuncture needles or penetrating the skin. It is popular in Meridian Therapy and other styles of Traditional Japanese Medicine. Using a teishin causes no pain or discomfort, allowing practitioners to treat even the most sensitive of people. With guidance, patients can learn to use teishin at home as a self-care tool, prolonging the therapeutic benefits of their treatment between appointments. This aspect of teishin empowers patients to take charge of their health and improves treatment outcomes, making acupuncture more affordable.      

AcuArtistry is the oldest maker of hand-crafted teishin in the United States. Mark Parzynski DAOM, L.Ac., personally makes each tool one at a time with the greatest possible care and attention to detail unmatched by mass-produced items. 


Teishin Techniques

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How to Hold a Teishin

The correct way to hold a teishin

A teishin should be held in a relaxed and stable manner allowing Zhong Chong (PC9) to merge with the tip of the needle. This connection acts as a focal point between the patient and the practitioner. The grip should be practiced until it is second nature. Then, when you forget you are holding it, you will know it has started to become a part of you.

The incorrect way to hold a teishin
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