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About AcuArtistry

Welcome to AcuArtistry, your destination for the finest handmade Teishin, Gua Sha tools, and Guide Tubes, crafted with an unwavering dedication to passion and spirit. AcuArtistry is the embodiment of excellence, meticulously handcrafting tools that are as beautiful as they are functional. We are proud to offer high-quality continuing education classes designed to elevate your practice to the next level.

Dr. Mark Parzynski

Meet the Artisan

I'm Dr. Mark Parzynski, the heart and hands behind AcuArtistry. As a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) with a deep-rooted passion for the craft, I combine my extensive expertise in acupuncture and my training as a silversmith to create exquisite tools designed to elevate the practice of acupuncturists and bodyworkers. With over a decade of experience in crafting Teishin, Gua Sha tools, and Guide Tubes, I bring a unique blend of precision, artistry, and dedication to every piece I create.

A Personal Touch

At AcuArtistry, we take immense pride in infusing every instrument with a piece of our heart and soul. We believe that a personal touch adds an unparalleled quality to our creations, setting them apart from mass-produced alternatives. Each tool is carefully and lovingly handcrafted with an exceptional level of care and attention to detail. This distinctive approach ensures that every tool possesses a unique energy and presence, giving it a personality all its own.

Elevate Your Practice

Our mission at AcuArtistry is to empower acupuncturists and bodyworkers to take their practice to new heights. We understand that the tools of the trade are an essential extension of your expertise, and that's why we are committed to providing you with the finest quality instruments. When you choose AcuArtistry, you are choosing tools that not only meet the highest standards of functionality but also bear the mark of true artistry and passion.


Continuing Education

In addition to our world-class handcrafted tools, I'm thrilled to offer online continuing education classes for acupuncturists. These classes are designed to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills in the field of acupuncture. As a practitioner with a strong commitment to both craftsmanship and education, I aim to provide acupuncturists with the opportunity to expand their horizons and stay at the forefront of this ancient healing art. 

Experience the AcuArtistry Difference

We invite you to explore our meticulously crafted Teishin, Gua Sha tools, and Guide Tubes and to discover the AcuArtistry difference for yourself. Embrace tools that embody the perfect blend of art and science, and experience the transformation they bring to your practice. Additionally, don't miss the chance to enrich your expertise through our online continuing education classes.

Thank you for choosing AcuArtistry, where we combine the precision of acupuncture with the artistry of craftsmanship and education to create tools and experiences that are as remarkable as the people who use them.

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