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This modern take on the traditional Gua Sha Tool is an essential part of any acupuncturist's toolkit and is handmade with care from copper, a natural antiviral and antimicrobial material, or sterling silver.  Measuring just over 3.5" x 2.25", this tool is designed with subtle curves that hug your client's body comfortably, helping to promote the flow of qi throughout the body. The ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle, reducing hand fatigue and allowing you to perform your work precisely and efficiently. The yin-yang principles are embodied in the finishing process, with a polished shine on the convex side for smooth pulling applications and a brushed finish on the concave side for enhanced grip when using oils and salves. The comfortable edges make it well-suited for traditional Gua Sha or IASTM, while the domed face is perfect for scar therapy and other pulling techniques. Over time, the copper will take on a beautiful and unique patina, exemplifying the Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi..

The design process


As an acupuncture student, I was passionate about gua sha, but I was unhappy with the tools available at the time. The edges felt wrong and my hand would tire quickly while treating patients. So I studied dozens of traditional gua sha tools and modern physiotherapy tools in an effort to create the perfect gua sha tool. I wanted a tool that was comfortable to hold and could perform better than any other tool available. After experimenting with various materials like steel, stone, and bronze, I ultimately chose copper for its durability, energetic properties, and natural antimicrobial surface. Through multiple redesigns and countless prototypes, I worked tirelessly to refine the tool's design. Finally, I asked colleagues to test the tool in a clinical setting, and after receiving their feedback and making some final adjustments, I am confident that this is the perfect gua sha tool. So, leave your spoons in the kitchen and use the right tool for the job. Your clients will thank you for it.

Gua Sha Tool

SKU: GST000c
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