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This facial gua sha tool is expertly crafted from solid copper or sterling silver and is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. With a curved shape tailored explicitly for the face, neck, and jaw, this tool provides a gentle massage that helps release blockages and bring a youthful glow to the skin. Used by professionals in clinics and spas, this tool embodies the harmonious balance of yin and yang energies. The polished yang side of the tool is designed for pulling techniques, allowing for the gentle release of any stagnant energy, while the yin side's brushed texture offers added grip and helps ground the energy flow. In addition, each edge is highly polished and provides a comfortable scraping surface. This revolutionary tool is an excellent addition to any acupuncturist's practice and will elevate their facial therapy treatments to new heights.

Facial Gua Sha Tool

SKU: FGS000c